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Exeter Health Resources and its operating affiliates are proud to offer a supportive and collaborative work environment. Our outstanding benefits help support our employees while they deliver compassionate care. Specific benefits and eligibility requirements may vary by company, but in general include the following:

Health Insurance

We offer a comprehensive health insurance plan with no annual deductible in tiers 1 and 2 and modest co-payments. The plan has been carefully designed to preserve your freedom of choice while managing overall costs. You decide where to receive your care - inside or outside of our EHR network - which allows you to control your out-of-pocket costs. The majority of the per pay period premium is paid by the organization, with employee contributions paid on a pre-tax basis.

Wellness Credits Incentive Program

This voluntary program encourages employees enrolled in our health insurance plan to attain certain wellness targets so they may lead healthier lives. Attaining these targets results in a per pay period discount off the cost of the premium. Discounts are also available to covered spouses who attain wellness targets.

Dental Insurance

We offer a comprehensive dental plan which includes 100% coverage for routine diagnostic and preventative care; 80% coverage for minor restorative services, and 50% coverage for major restorative services. The majority of the premium is paid by the organization, with employee contributions paid on a pre-tax basis.

Vision Discount Program

This program gives you access to over 30,000 vision care providers and is accepted at the nation's leading optical retailers.

Life Insurance

Basic life insurance is provided at no cost. Additional coverage may be purchased at group rates.

Dependent Life Insurance

You may purchase dependent life insurance coverage for spouses and children to age 26.

Disability Insurance

Our disability programs are designed to provide income replacement in case of illness or non-work related injury. Different levels of coverage are available.

Retirement Savings Programs

We offer several options for eligible staff, including a 403b plan and pension plan.

Earned Time (vacation, holiday, and sick time plan)

We offer a generous earned time accrual plan with length-of-service increases to reward longevity.

Flexible Spending

Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to redirect a portion of your salary, on a pre-tax basis, to pay unreimbursed medical or dependent care expenses.

Tuition Assistance and Educational Programs

Reimbursement is available for undergraduate and graduate courses. We also offer extensive educational opportunities, at no cost, in both classroom and on-line formats.


  • Group Discount Auto and/or Homeowners Insurance.
  • Employee Assistance Program - free counseling and referral services.
  • Discounts at local restaurants, merchants, automobile retailers, salons, movie theaters, hotels, amusement parks, summer and winter mountain resort activities, sporting events, and more.
  • The organization also sponsors various family friendly events throughout the year.