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Exeter Hospital Announces New LNA Trainee Program!

about 2 years ago

In collaboration with Great Bay Community College and Manchester Community College, Exeter Hospital offer PAID LNA Trainee Program beginning on March 1, 2021.

Paid Licensed Nursing Assistant training program which includes completion of 60 hour online training and 24 hour simulation lab training conducted by Great Bay Community College and 60 hour clinical internship under direct supervision and responsibility of Great Bay Community College instructor conducted at Exeter Hospital.

Tuition will be paid by employer. Successful completion of program will require passing final exam and demonstrating competency in selected skills by end of clinical internship.  Program graduates will be prepared to work as a Licensed Nursing Assistant.

LNA's will be required to fulfill at least a one and a half-year working commitment with Exeter Hospital as an LNA.



Online Classroom/Theory Attendance:
Daily attendance is mandatory. Students must log into their online course DAILY (as scheduled) in order to progress towards satisfactory completion of weekly assignments. Students, who fail to maintain active participation in the online course as defined in the course syllabus, will face repercussions in accordance with the college’s current attendance policy.
Lab/Practice Attendance:
Students may not exceed (3) three hours of lab absence. It is the student's responsibility to cover the class material missed during the absence. If a student misses a test, the student must take the test before the next class. Students can arrange a make-up time with the lab instructor to make up the missed test. Students must be on time for all lab classes. It is the student’s responsibility to know the class schedule and to attend accordingly.
Clinical Attendance:
Clinical Agencies are the physical locations where clinical experiences occur. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinical may take place at MCC/GBCC in simulation or at Exeter Hospital. Students must attend, and be on time for, all clinical experience classes but may not exceed (l) one absence of clinical work. A plan for making up missed experiences will be required for the student to meet the clinical course objectives. Students must schedule a make-up session prior to the beginning of the next class. There are no other make-up opportunities available. Sixty hours of clinical work are required for successful completion of the program.


Keep an eye on our careers page for upcoming program offerings: https://careers-exeterhospital.hctsportals.com/